At XPLOIL Nig. Ltd., our local content development policy is our obligation to local communities in our areas of operation. However our strategy is implemented in a manner that is not at a disadvantage to our client’s primary objectives, as far as operational efficiency and technical integrity are concerned. Our primary policies include but are not limited to the following:

  • Long term use of Nigerian financial institutions to fund projects and manage financial accounts debtors and creditors).
  • Procurement of all necessary materials for a project would be sourced locally, except certain products or commodities are not available in Nigeria or at client’s request.
  • Employment of staff from local communities who are qualified and capable of being responsible of their official duties. Encourage the transfer of knowledge between expatriates and Nigerians.
  • XPLOIL Technical and Construction Company Limited is willing to build relationships with other indigenous companies around Nigeria that are mutually beneficial. Similar relationships with foreign institutions are acceptable, as long as they appreciate and contribute to our local content policy.
  • XPLOIL Technical and Construction Company Limited encourages capacity building by training our staff in relevant areas.
  • We also utilize a continuous assessment procedure on our suppliers and sub-contractors, which is aimed at increasing health and safety, environmental responsibility and quality of goods and services. All of which are of mutual benefit.