EUROTECH for Consulting and Training was established in 1998 in Beirut the company is specialized in the training and development of manpower across all industries. EUROTECH specializes in the management, leadership, coaching, interpersonal skills, Banking, petroleum, Gas & oil programs and many more . All our programs are designed to serve the private & government sectors in addition to petroleum, gas & oil industries, banks, investments & multinational companies.

EUROTECH believes in each and every employee’s potential, endowing the essential and fundamental knowledge in developing their skills to enhance and excel in their chosen profession, thereby advancing in their career. We endeavor to continuously deliver innovative programs and services of the highest quality through our specialist team of consultants and internationally renowned training and consultancy partners.

We provide the following types of training programs:

  • Administrative programs
  • Human Resources
  • Training, planning and development
  • e-government, e-commerce, e-investment and
  • e-management programs
  • Marketing, Sales and Public Relations programs
  • Financial, Investment and Banking programs
  • Insurance programs
  • Information and Technology programs
  • Legal programs
  • Logistics programs
  • Purchase control and Inventory Management
  • Real Estate and Project Management programs.
  • Quality Management programs
  • Environmental Programs
  • Safety, Security and Maintenance
  • Engineering and Technical programs
  • Technical Petroleum programs
  • Industrial programs
  • Oil, Gas, Treatment and chemical Engineering

The programs are designed for:

  • Top Management
  • Senior and Middle Management
  • Supervisors
  • Administrative Staff