Xanderon Engineering Ltd a recognized name in pipeline equipment and services delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore applications is a limited liability company. XEL’s experts provide hot tapping & plugging, pipeline cleaning, geometry, pigging and non-tethered plugging pig technology services for any pressurized pipeline system. XEL is your Partner of Choice for managing every pipeline integrity need – large or small XEL is a name that is synonymous with trusted pipeline services.

XEL partners with you to ensure pipeline service projects are completed safely and on time with the broadest range of quality products, services and technical capabilities available.XEL is dedicated to providing you with all the resources you need to ensure optimum throughput and extend the service life of your assets so that you can focus on the business of moving product through your pipeline. XEL’s commitment to you… performance based solutions that fulfill your needs delivered on time, anywhere in the world.

Hot Tapping & Plugging are field proven methods for accessing the interior of an operating pipeline while avoiding shut down of the Line. Hot Tapping provides a temporary or permanent solution to repairing leaks and anomalies in your pipeline without shutting down flow.

XEL provides an aggressive line of cleaning pigs, launching and receiving systems, geometry inspection services, environmentally friendly detergent-based cleaning fluids, cutter repair, drying service, pipeline cleaning, welding, plus field support personnel and equipment to meet your specific pipeline applications.

Pipeline Intervention

  • Hot Tapping & Plugging Services
  • Line Plugging & Stopping Services
  • Freeze Plugging Services
  • Valve Repairs
  • Pipeline Cleaning Services (Pigging)
  • Welding
  • Cathodic Protection Services

Project Support Services

  • Supply of specialized manpower
  • Procurement of pipeline consumables, (Valves, flanges, fittings) etc