XPLOIL Nig. Ltd. vigorously pursues excellence in its health, safety and environmental goals.

It is our belief that operating with highest safety standard and procedures, the company can safeguard the lives of its staff, property and equipment and also create a leap in value to its teaming customers.

XPLOIL Nig. Ltd. has integrated health, safety and environmental policy to its core cooperate strategy. We, at XPLOIL Nig. Ltd. are in strict compliance and guided by health, strategy and environmental policy (HSE).

The company’s HSE objectives are to create work environment that:

  1. Fosters creativity and critical thinking.
  2. Employees’ tasks are safe, and are conducive.
  3. Providing a physical work environment and welfare provision adaptable to the needs of employees.
  4. The work and learning environment support and promotes user capacity, to work and safeguard their health and well being and protect them against work related illness and accidents.
    1. XPLOIL Nig. Ltd. HSE policy is continually evaluated, monitored and updated in line with changes in the scale of operating.