Technical Partners

Xploil Nigeria Limited in an attempt to further deliver value to our clients has forged alliances with several international leaders in the provision of solutions and services to the oil and gas industry.


XEL Engineering provides an aggressive line of pipeline intervention services which includes: hot tapping and plugging Services, line plugging and stopping services, cleaning pigs, launching and receiving systems, geometry inspection services, environmentally friendly detergent-based cleaning fluids, cutter repair, drying service, pipeline cleaning, welding, plus field support personnel and equipment to meet your specific pipeline applications.


Atex systems specializes in the provision of materials suitable for use in hazardous areas. The materials are designed as explosion proof. They include: Stainless steel, aluminium or GRP (Glass fiber reinforced polyester) enclosures, Explosion proof luminaries, lightings, lamps, signalization systems and horns, Intrinsically safe sensors or increased safety, commutators and lights, etc.